Client: Snow Lava
Location: Toronto
What:  Brand Identity 

Agency: PlayHeads
Year: 2016

The brand image of Snow Lava was given as energetic, simple, lovely and lively arts – by PlayHeads. The choice of colors had been changed from “pure white” to “yellow and purple” when it came to art design. Meanwhile, we chose “black words on yellow background” and “white words on purple background” to match with rounded fonts. From a former appearance of what snow looks like (cold and sharp), to a new idea of using warm colors can effectively make the brand image stand out and become impressive.

The right side of the store’s front door was applied a “High Five” types of image. The bottom corners of the windows were applied energetic and adorable figures. The decorations in the store were consistently neat and tidy. Remarkably, all these little things become a perfect match with the brand image of Snow Lava.

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