Client: Shu Hero 
Location: Richmond Canada
What:  Brand Identity Design/Interior Design

Agency: PlayHeads

Year: 2017 - 2018

The name of Shu Hero comes from brotherhood in Country Shu in the period of the Three Kingdoms.

We combined hero elements with street fashion style,used lively and dynamic brush to create our ‘Heroes from Country Shu”.

It is both in traditional Chinese Sichuan ink and wash painting style and in Western street fashion Graffiti Calligraphy style. It will leave clients a deep impression that it is a Chinese restaurant but in the perspective of young people.

We used old-fashion neon lights  to constitute the image of “Shu” as our sub-logo design.

Brand Secondary Graphic Application

When I mention the period of the Three Kingdoms, especially Country Shu, you will definitely think of Liu Bei, Guan You, Zhang Fei, who are three brothers, or many other heroes and their interesting stories.

Eating kebab maybe sound a bit manhood because it will always require you a big bite with beer. Making friends by eating kebab is a good social way.

Shu Hero has become one of the most popular restaurants in Vancouver

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