Client: Chi Men
Location: Vancouver
What:  Naming / Brand Identity / Interior Design / Illustrations

Agency: PlayHeads

Year: 2017

It is located on Deman Street, Downtown (Yes! It is very closed to English Bay).


The name “CHI MEN” originated from a western slang term for CHINA MEN, which happens to sound very similar to “eating noodles” in Chinese. The way we named it had a very straight forward meaning. We hope our foodies can understand the meaning of the brand in the shortest period of time.

The painted wall with cartoon-like figures is one of the core features of the restaurant. The inspiration comes from where people share food and drinks on the table. No matter what nationalities, cultures or ages they are, people get together to eat and share.


Moreover, in order to express Chinese art culture, we chose the traditional blue and white porcelain to be the main material for the plates and tableware. Eaters can immediately capture the feeling when their dishes are served with them.

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